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We'd like to thank all of you for your CONTINUED SUPPORT throughout the last year !!!

2010 brought lots of good times and more importantly, BEATLE MUSIC
(which MAKES for good times!!!)

Marmalade Skies performed 33 shows in 2010, thanks to  YOU !!!!

It's time for a quick wrap up, lest we forget

Lots of fun things took place in 2010:

>Mark put the GRETSCH TENNESSEAN back into commission<
( just like the one George played in '65 - the HELP! era ! )

No, you're not hallucinating. It's a fuzzy photo - it goes with Mark's shirt

MARCH 2010:
>Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts - ARTS FESTIVAL<

Always grand fun !


(Yes, just like the one George played during the Let It Be and Abbey Road recordings, and on the rooftop as well !!!)

>SKIES does a video shoot at Treehouse Studios to promote TributeArt LIVE!<

> Sir Paul McCartney played Jobing.com arena !!! <

How cool was that?

APRIL 2010:
 > Scottsdale Center for the Arts: CULINARY FESTIVAL !!! <
(including MARGARITAS !!!)

MAY 2010:
> That GREAT gig at El Pedrgal !!! <
(we are STILL getting email about the SPLENDID TIME everyone had!)

JUNE 2010:
> Steve gets his new NORD WAVE synthesizer !!! <

( and THAT'S why Strawberry Fields Forever, et al, sounds SO DANG GOOD !!! 0h, and because STEVIE is playing it.. ;-)

JUNE & JULY 2010:
In spite of the MILLION DEGREE temperatures,
( The Cavern Club of Ahwatukee !!! )

AUGUST 2010:
>Keith gets his new LUDWIG BLACK OYSTER PEARL drum kit !!! <
( yes, JUST LIKE RINGO'S - duh ! )

What you see here, is a man possessed. Ludwig Black Oyster Pearls will do that to ya....

>Recording engineer extraordinaire, and yes,
Grammy Award Winner,
Sir Jeffrey Thomas
joins the friendly SKIES !!! ( Let's hear it ! Give it up ! )

( running the sound like a ring in a bell... he's a very serious fellow you know...)

>The debut of TributeArt LIVE !!!! <
Performing at the HDIC anniversary party
That's artist Randall Hedden in the tie-dye, holding the brushes. NO, those aren't bottle rockets...

>The KOKOPELLI WINERY Krush Festival!!!
( that was a killer gig !!! )

> Bobby gets his
( just like the one George played on the Ed Sullivan Show !!!)

( a third mortgage is taken out on the house to cover the cost of being a guitar player in a BEATLE band )

Sierra & Rob dress up like Jodi & Bobby
( it's kinda spooky... )

The details were remarkable; Sierra has Jodi's guitar pick necklace, microphone, curly hair, infectious smile, and bling ring, and Rob has the glasses, jacket, the graying beard, guitar, and THE SAME HAT

>The Rhythm Room !!!
Benefitting little Téa Pagano's Educational Fund.
Her mother was killed in a tragic automobile accident.
All the musicians involved put on a GREAT SHOW !

Well, that's the wrap up for 2010. Check out some of the first gigs of 2010 below:

-for those of you Comin' Up from the bottom, jump to the top!

2010-01-30   Jersey's
What a stupid-fun gig !!! As you can tell, we have a tendency to crowd a stage...

Ok - we WOULD bring more guitars, IF we had a bigger stage. No, really...

Hey - there's Bobby in a rare "out-of-costume-moment" (no sunglasses) on stage, with Li'l Stevie awaiting the arrival of the downbeat in the background (it must be around here somewhere...)

A night on the town - LA/NYC BLACK is ALWAYS in good taste, eh? From left to right it's Barbie from Phoenix Beatle Band "One Night Stand" (oooo baby!), Jodi and Kevin of Marmalade Skies, Nancy from said same "Stand," and Little Stevie Golba, keyboardist extraordinaire from SKIES. Yeah, they've been drinking....

TABLOID ALERT - Isn't that keyboardist Charles "Fig" Newton smilin' at the camera? Along with lead singer Dennis (in the hat) from local R&B band "Rhythm Edition" ???? I checked my notes and the answer is YES !

Yup - that's Jodi (apparently just passin' through - HEY - DON'T PASS ME BY.... ), looking VERY happy to be playin' BEATLE MUSIC !!!  Bobby appears to be wrangling a Rickenbacker 325 into submission in the background, with Stevie STILL waiting for the downbeat...

                      Our home away from home - you guys did it again! Another unbelievable evening! What SKIES was so impressed with was: THE NEW GENERATION OF BEATLE FANS that showed up! (We're taking pictures at ALL the shows - so be prepared to see and be seen!)

Yeah, I know what you're thinkin - looks like SCOTCH DRINKERS!

And once again, you couldn't get a table in the place! YAY! Just look at all this silliness:

There were BIRTHDAYS galore, (Bobby Read, Bobby Frasier, Kevin Crum & TED to name a few) complete with CAKE for the entire room! MMMMMMMMMMM..... Caaaaaaaaaake !!!!

Yes, you guessed it, that's local musician and HAMMOND ORGAN restoration expert par excellence BOBBY READ in the blue SKIES shirt.

The B and the B and the K are for Bobby, Bobby & Kevin (thanks to The Girls of the SKIES, Tammi Crum and Jodi Drew Frasier for gettin' all THIS together!)
Tammi told us this was decorated in a speeding car, while racing the BAJA 500. Rock & Roll does NOT demand PENMANSHIP !!!!!

2010-01-02    A-Town
                      First, let's just say that 2009 was a banner year for Marmalade Skies (just LOOK at our new banner! - artistic design by Randall Hedden) We played over 26 gigs, and, well, keeping up the "What's New" portion of the web site, unfortunately, fell to the wayside a bit (just a bit...). We're hoping that all THAT will change in 2010, since we're having such a GREAT GREAT time playin' for ya! (say that last sentence with a Scottish accent)
                      The Friends of the SKIES have been absolutely AMAZING! YOU are the reason we play! We want to thank each and every one of you for coming out to the shows, wearin' the FAB GEAR, and keepin' the LOVE alive.
                      Alan, owner of A-Town said, "January 2 was unbelievable - best night we've every had!" We were SHOCKED when we walked in for the first set and the place was PACKED! You guys ROCKED all night long! (I have pictures - that's right; EVIDENCE! So don't try to deny it!) What a great way to start the new year! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

APRIL - DECEMBER 2009 -  ||: We gigged and gigged and gigged and gigged :||   :-)

2009-04-03     Shakespeare's
                      "I was outside, and you could close your eyes, and think, "WOW! I'm at The Cavern Club!" The sound was "very Cavernesque." (Cavernesque: Reflective of the sound or feeling of being at The Cavern Club, Liverpool, UK, in 1962, listening to the Mersey Beat) Oh, it's OFFICIALLY The Word now!
Thanks to Grammy© nominated recording engineer (and SKIES engineer as well ! ) Kevin Becka & Helen (soon to be MRS. Becka!) for coming up with this GREAT description of SHAKESPEARE'S, a FAB new English pub out on the east side of the valley. (formerly Molly Brannigan's) I don't know where all you guys came from, but SHAKESPEARE'S ROCKS! Great, great gig! SKIES had no idea there were SO MANY Beatle fans hiding in the east valley! We got LOTS of names added to our email list (SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM...), so be looking towards your inbox for upcoming Beatle info!

2009-03-28     Loco Patrõn
                      OK, you guys are TOO MUCH!!! What a GREAT crowd! A better gig was NEVER had. Great food, great margaritas, and an enthusiastic crowd. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU for supporting The Skies and keeping the music of the greatest band ever (uhhhh, that would be THE BEATLES) alive!

2009-03-22     Scottsdale Arts Festival
                      What a GREAT day! Granted, it WAS windy (beyond belief), but which outdoor gig ISN'T effected by the weather? Beautiful SKIES, great turnout, and music by The Beatles! What could possibly go wrong?
                      We'd like to thank EVERYONE who came out to see us. We'll be doing it again, on the same stage, Saturday, April 18, for the Scottsdale Culinary Festival! Come out on and grab a schnitzel!

2009-02-14     Valentine's Day @ Jersey's !
                       Wow! What a great night! Folks from Loco Patrón came by to be FAB, plus a surprise visit from Mr. & Mrs. John McJunkin (of the Glasgow McJ's) as well as our Irish constituents, Mr. & Mrs. Glen O'Hara & Friends made for a MOST memorable evening! Flowers & Beer, what more could a couple want? Great place to play - we hope to Get Back there soon!

2009-02-07     Thanks to EVERYONE who attended the Grand Opening of Loco Patrón !!!!
                      It's absolutely FAB to have a new venue in the Ahwatukee area of Phoenix that supports live music. Special thanks to Chuck E. Baby & The All Stars for their Friday performance at the Grand Opening, AND Mr. Baby himself, along with Sherry & Steve Golba from Ringo McLennonSon, for sittin' in on the SKIES gig for a rousing rendition of "She Loves You" !!!

Jodi singing "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band"
at the Loco Patrón Grand Opening *

We had some great give-aways that evening, with pictures of the winners of the Beatle Trivia contest to be posted soon ! Get your Beatle facts together, Tomorrow Never Knows what you might win!

2008-12-27     Great gig @ Bleachers! Thanks to one and all who attended for the "Post Christmas Trauma Recovery Party!" We added 2 new songs for this gig:

I Want To Hold Your Hand
It Won't Be Long

Both songs are off of the Capitol LP record "Meet The Beatles," released January 20, 1964 here in America. "That was the first rock and roll record I remember getting. It was a present from me mum," quipped Bobby Frasier, singer/guitarist for Marmalade Skies. The UK version of the record "With The Beatles" had a different song line up, which didn't include "I Want To Hold Your Hand."

It's 2008!
What's New?

Jodi Drew belting out "I'm Down" @ BLEACHERS,
w/Mark contemplating some major, heavy, riffage! *

MICRO layin' down the MOJO @ BLEACHERS!!! *

Marmalade Skies is:

Bobby Frasier Guitar & Vocals
Jodi Drew Vocals

Keith Rosenbaum Drums & Vocals
Michael Roe Bass & Vocals
Steve Golba
Keyboards & Vocals
Mark Aguirre Guitar & Vocals

Marmalade Skies began in 2002, when Mark said, "I want to put a band together for my birthday party, and cover the entire Rubber Soul album." Frasier, Rosenbaum, and Roe were all members of that original band, dubbed, "Rubber SPAM."

Forward, 5 years later, 2007, Bobby calls Mark and says, "Let's do it again for my birthday, but this time let's do HELP! and REVOLVER." This foray was soon to be dubbed, "HELP! I'M REVOLTING!" Rubber SPAM II, the sequel, had been born.

As the party waned, Mr. Rosenbaum, in his infinite wisdom (and hair), said, "We should do this." Do what? Subject people we DON'T KNOW to this idiocy? "Yes." There were, indeed, nanoseconds of cohesion, so, we all decided to charge blindly into the breach, mostly for our own amusement. After many rehearsals, applied with copious amounts of Guinness™, Cabo Wabo™, and Grand Marnier™, SPAM begat SKIES, and now, you too can experience the Magic of The Music.

We LOVE playing these songs. We've all been influenced, as musicians, as recording engineers, as HUMANS, by this incredible body of work. Come see us, or even better, HIRE US FOR YOUR NEXT EVENT!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

You won't see us dress up in Beatle wigs or Sgt. Pepper outfits. What you'll experience is The Music. And The Love. BECAUSE.... All You Need Is Love!

Contact Marmalade Skies:

(480) 452-9343 | marmaladeskies@cox.net

* photos by Dennis "Spanky" Langley - dlangley54@cox.net

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